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      2. About GLIG
        Carrying century-lasting classics to serve life of customers
        Business Scope
        What we do
        Building an internationally competitive
        consumer goods and service group
        Strategic Partners
        The formulation of national and industry standards closely follows international cutting-edge criteria, which contributes to promoting the standardization and environmental-friendly development of Chinese primary battery industry. As the vice-chairman unit of the National Standards Committee of Primary Battery, the company's participation in standard formulation is not only the social responsibility and industry responsibility which should be taken actively, but also reflects the company's comprehensive strength and industry authority. Additionally, it is more conducive to enhancing brand image and assisting product sales.
        From October 20 to 22, Guangzhou Chemical attended the 14th CIMP and the 41st China Cleaning Industry Annual Meeting held in Nanjing. As the industrial meeting of daily chemical and washing enterprises, the expo gathered famous enterprises at home and abroad. It has gradually become the wind vane of the daily chemical and washing industry.